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I have been on a search for what matters to me.


I do know that wherever I go, that there is beauty, that what I touch has an aura surrounding it, that I ask good questions, I am invested in the reimagining of our world, that I laugh through pain to cut the harshness, that there are expansive possibilities of what beauty can look like and that my children and my time are sacred. 


I believe in creating new cradles of care. I believe in the great rain pouring of tears and the rock pilings we create to send off what is meaningful. I hope to continue to create in communion, to cherish the people who bring me wonder, to be the seer that I am, and enjoy the strange romantic futures that will unfold. 

I write this glimpse of myself in a time of great tears all around me..... tears of exhaustion, love separated, motherhood in rage, the great exodus, and white supremacy. And I have inquiries about how we create safety for ourselves and others, how do we consume pleasure, wisdom, and wonder while simultaneously building a queer culture of justice and care, and knowing that this is heaven and also hell for most, how do we orient ourselves to a communion of uplifting landscapes and collective curiosity.


Here I am in the most meaningful circles I could have ever imagined, and so I show up for the ones that I love, I teach my children with the wisdom around me, and I bring song, evocation, and breadth to whatever I am creating for myself and with others.


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