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Crystal Nohelani Erlendson

Crystal Nohelani Erlendson is a media consultant, director, producer and mother with 15+ years dedicated to learning, creating, and  questioning  in the spheres of community and mental health, experimental film, ceremony, indigenous futurism, and new formations of community and matriarchy. Her interests in media work revolve around interruptions to systems of oppression through storytelling, myth, romantic reimagining, and mother-centric systems of care.

Crystal currently serves as the Creative Director for CIIS, a holistic university focused on educating our world's leading psychotherapists and activists with trauma-informed, anti-racist, integral learning.
She has supported films as an editorial producer to filmmaker and artist Sky Hopinka; films include Dislocation Blues, Małni—Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore
Visions of an Island, Anti-Objects, or Space Without Path or Boundary, I'll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You'll Becomewawa, and  Fainting Spells. These films have shown in ImagineNATIVE Media + Arts Festival, Images, Sundance, MOMA, Whitney Museum of American Art, and Guggenheim.

Crystal received her BA in Urban Design from University of California, San Diego and her MFA in Painting and Performance from Claremont Graduate University.

She is Japanese American with 8 generations of family based in Hawaii and Scandinavian American with ancestral roots in Iceland. She has been centered in motherhood working with matriarchs and justice circles, creating alternative models of community and mothering rooted in racial justice, eco-justice and emotional processing frameworks and holdings at its core. She recently relocated to Portland, Oregon and now lives in the community of St. Johns.  She considers her most sacred work to be learning how to be with her two young children and queering the model and makings of motherhood. 
Also in her time she takes photographs and documents the creative and somatic artifacts of childhood, helps design spaces and experiences and paints. 

Creative Director / Film Producer /

Media Consultant

recent work

other past work

Dislocation Blues 
an ethno-poetic reflection on Standing Rock, sharing glimpses of camp and the voices of Terry 
Running Wild and Cleo Keahna. 


CIIS' 53rd Annual Commencement and Concert
reimagining a commencement ceremony and celebration with ritual, invitation, blessings, music,
and storytelling.

Creative Director
Ancient Medicine, Modern Healthcare
visual campaign for the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, visually documenting
the beauty of this ancient medicine.

Creative Director

Healing Our Community's Opioid Crisis
producing event of experts in mental health, Chinese medicine, and Western medicine come together to share experiences, complexities and follow the inquiries of the crisis. 

Director / Event Producer


Bright Futures
a bold multimedia campaign with goals of fundraising $100k+ focused on sharing bright visions of a community.

Creative Director

Work That Matters
a web series of activist scholars
sharing wisdom, justice work, research and experiences at California Institute of Integral Studies. 
Recent Episode: Global Leadership In Mental Health

Creative Director / Producer

Kicking the Clouds

a short film by Sky Hopinka tracing trails of

Indigenous diaspora in Whatcom County in northern Washington State, sharing conversations with his mother and grandmother.

Editorial Producer

Malni-Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore 
a feature film documentary circling the origin of the death myth from the Chinookan people in the Pacific Northwest. 

Editorial Producer

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